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About Jason Wright Agency, LLC

From Jason: I've served families, individuals, and businesses in North/Northeast Georgia and Metro Atlanta for nearly 20 years.  My hope is to serve people as a resource and as someone they can trust to give solid advice that they can use to make decisions that are best for them, their families, and their businesses.  I've spent years learning and understanding insurance, from home and auto insurance, to general liability, workers compensation, and long term care, so that my clients can rely on me to guide them in making decisions that benefit them.

I've lived in the Atlanta area for over 30 year.  I met my wife, Allison, on my 7th day in Atlanta.  After she finished college, we married and now have four sons, ranging from high school to being in college to two UGA graduates.  During that time, we've been committed to and involved in a few different churches, and are currently members at Hebron Church in Dacula.  My faith is important to me and its principles are what drive my decisions and actions.

While my agency has been built on home, auto, and life insurance, I also have found that I work very well with small business owners.  Having spent 13 years in the paint and coatings industry, I understand the challenges that not only paint contractors face, but all trade contractors, whether electricians, plumbers, HVAC, drywall, or grading trades.  I've found that many restaurant owners are fantastic chefs, but they need and have asked me time and again to come along with them to guide them in choosing their insurance coverages.  And I've found that by simply listening to the barber, beautician, lawyer, accountant, or building owner, I can understand what they're really concerned about and show them options they can consider.

After many years affiliated with primarily only one company, I'm excited that the independent model allows me to offer choices to people.  And I think that's what my clients appreciate the most, that I listen and then give them choices so they can decide.  In the entire insurance equation, I'm the least important part of it.  And with us, its all about serving the client.  The result is that you get The Right Insurance from The Wright Agency!  We'd love an opportunity to talk with you, so reach out any time.

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